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Leader Trade are always on the lookout for smart talent, to help create the workforce of the future. As we continue to grow, we get the opportunity to scout out both young and more experienced talent and love to nurture it. We look for people who have the ability and skills to grow into their role and make let people put their own stamp on their position with us.

Working at Leader Trade offers fantastic career benefits and we fully believe in embracing talent to ensure a positive working environment. Each team complements each other perfectly so that the entire business works in synergy with one another - leading to positive working relationships, happy workforce and a better service for our clients. We're a family oriented business which has experienced huge growth since our relocation and we're always on the look out for exciting new people, to add to our diverse and ever growing teams and ensure we continue to develop as a business.

If you have a hard-working and team-oriented nature, then working at Leader Trade might just suit you. Why not get in touch - we'd love to hear from you.

Alternatively, if the type of job you're looking for isn't listed below, please feel free to send in your CV anyway, specifying the type of job role you are looking for and we'll get in touch next time we have an opening.


Current vacancies

Apologies! At the moment there doesn't seem to be a position listed. We're not currently looking for any new team members. Please do feel free to send a CV anyway and we'll consider it as soon as a role opens up.

We do not require any help from recruitment agencies for any positions, thank you.

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