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Due to national driver shortages some courier services are degraded, meaning delays may occur occasionally. Please allow for some delays with delivery and for this reason we recommend that you do not plan in jobs before you receive your items. We will try to keep this to a minimum and will always inform you if there are likely to be delays - if you're unsure about your order or would like further info, please contact us using the methods below.

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For instant sales and advice, please contact our dedicated sales and customer care teams, who are on hand in our offices 9am to 5:30pm every week Monday to Friday. We have two specialist teams who are able to assist you with your inquiries, so please reach out today and get the answers you need!

If you wish to speak to either of our teams, please dial the number below and we'll be able to direct your call

01429 241 299

Alternatively, if you can't get to us by telephone, contact us by email


 If you have already submitted a request, or sent us an email, please update or write additional comments regarding your request by replying to that existing thread rather than submitting a new request or contacting us on multiple channels. This only serves to cause further delays as staff have to deal with the same request multiple times.