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Door Hardware

Without a doubt, almost every instance of a door requires some hardware to help make it fulfil it's potential whether that be as simple as locating the right handle or decorative piece to make it tailored for its purpose; We've got something to suit you at Leader Stores.

Regardless of the size of your Door there is always that little bit of custom fitting or design to be added on to fit its overall purpose. Considering the vastly varying designs and the several finishes expected you can imagine there's a lot to see so we've worked to organise things so you can browse easily.


Unless you're looking for a dramatic wild west saloon entrance a handle is typically a useful addition to your door. Coming in a wide variety of designs and sizes, it's possible to find similar patterns in countless variations so you can get an exact design.

Custom Configuration

Some hardware ideally comes in a very specific configuration. This in particular is true for items such as a Letter plate, Pictogram or Door Numbers from Carlisle Brass, all of which can help you narrow down and customise each door to a particular form.

Something Uncommon

Not all standard sizes of hardware are suitable for larger items like thick bespoke doors; in situations like this its best to contact us so we can advise on what sort of hardware grade is acceptable to be used and hopefully we can obtain it for you! Frelan Hardware in particular offer extensive decorative collections, many of which are reinforced and practical for larger items!

Whatever you settle on here at Leader Stores we'll do our best to provide you the best deal possible! and don't forget about our Free Delivery on large Door and Door Hardware Orders! Contact our Sales Team today.