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If you're purchasing something new for your home and are worried about having to save in order to be able to afford the one you really want, then Klarna's Slice It might just be perfect for you. This payment method has been shaped to offer you a more manageable way to pay for your new purchase. Leader Furniture has teamed up with online payment provider Klarna, to offer you an alternative payment method for all of our products when ordering with us. Leader Furniture is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) for all consumer credit related activities, so you can shop safely and securely when using our website.

If you've chosen to checkout already via Klarna Checkout, then why not download the iOS or Android mobile app to manage your payments easily. Alternatively, please login to the Klarna customer area here.

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Available payment methods ▼

Klarna x Leader checkout

Slice It

As well as our fantastic Slice it payment method (0% Finance), you can checkout via our website in a number of unique way and pay now, pay later or pay over time. Smoooth. For more information on "Slice it", please skip to the next section.
We're partnered with Klarna to provide a 'Smoooth' checkout experience when shopping online with Leader. Simply add your items to the basket and you'll be prompted with a choice of four payment methods provided by Klarna when checking out. Klarna are a payment provider from Sweden, and have branched out across the globe, offering a fantastic new way to pay for your goods. Klarna provide Smoooth payments to more than 100,000 online stores & have processed orders for over 60 million trusted customers worldwide.
    - What do I need to provide when I make a purchase?
If you want to make a purchase using Klarna, you will need to provide your mobile phone number and email address. This is a requirement in case we need to reach you, from order details, to dispatch right through to payment. All statements will be sent to your email and you can easily manage this with the Klarna mobile app. It's really important you provide us with the correct contact details, as any late payments may be subject to late payment fees and we cannot be held responsible if you entered details incorrectly at the time of ordering.
    - Will a credit check take place?
Klarna use soft-searches or "unrecorded enquiries" to check affordability and find out what payment methods to offer you. These soft-searches do not leave a footprint and do not affect your credit score, therefore are not visible to other lenders. All payment information is processed securely by Klarna, no card details are transferred to, or held by Leader. All transactions use the latest industry standard security protocols and are placed via secure connection, the safest way to pay online.
We offer four payment methods from Klarna on our website. Details of these payment methods can be read below;

Pay Later (30 days)

Get your goods today and pay up to 30 days later. It really is that simple! Once your order is confirmed, you will receive an email with payment instructions within two days from Klarna (alternatively you can download the Apple/Android app and manage your Klarna account there!). You have up to 30 days to pay for your goods. This payment is offered, at your convenience, with no extra cost. You can pay via any UK credit or debit card.

Pay Later (in 3 installments)

Pay Later in 3 allows you to spread the cost of your purchase over 3 equal payments. The payment for each installment will automatically be collected from the debit or credit card you entered when checking out. Your first installment will be collected when your order is confirmed and then installments 2 and 3 will be scheduled for 30 & 60 days later, respectively.

Klarna: Pay Later FAQ's.

    - Am I eligible for Pay Later?
To use Pay Later, you must be at least 18 years old and while this option is widely promoted from Klarna and ourselves, Pay Later is subject to your financial circumstances. When choosing to checkout with Pay Later, our assessment will not affect your credit rating.
    - How can I increase my chances of being accepted for Klarna Pay Later?
Klarna is unique and Pay Later based on a number of factors, such as order value, purchase history & item availability. If you would like to use our Pay Later option, you can help to improve your chances of being offered & accepted for Pay Later by ensuring you provide accurate address details and your full name, shipping to your registered billing address also helps.
    - Can I pay my Pay Later order before the due date?
Yes! You can pay for your Pay Later order at any time after you receive the first payment email from Klarna. Just follow the instructions on the email or use the app to make your secure payment.
    - Have you received my payment?
If you choose to checkout as normal with a credit/debit card payment, we will confirm your order immediately. However, if you use Pay Later, Klarna will send a payment confirmation to the email address entered on your order details. If you have made a payment but not received your confirmation email yet, never panic. You can check online or via the app to see the latest status of your order.
    - I've received my statement, but not my goods.
You have 30 days to pay, so you don't need to pay right away. If your due date is near and your goods have still not arrived, please contact us and we'll check on delivery for you. Some items are offered on longer delivery times, so this can be perfectly normal - you will be made aware if this is the case.

What is Slice it and how does it work? ▼

Slice it offers you a flexible way to manage your payments and is offered to you on orders over £300. Slice it gives you the option to start paying for your goods after you have received them, while spreading the cost into manageable bite sized chunks.

The first time you choose to buy with Slice it, you will be prompted to setup and apply for a Klarna account at the checkout phase. We will then carry out a few checks and an affordability assessment. Once approved we will then create your account.

If you already have a Klarna account, then the order total + any purchase you make with the Slice it payment option will be added to your total account balance, provided the new purchase doesn't take you over your available credit limit. All payment information is securely processed by Klarna. All transactions take place via secure connections, secured & protected with the latest industry-standard security protocols.

Pay at your own pace instead of having to pay all at once. Just select Slice it at the checkout. That's smoooth. 

Choose your own terms ▼

When purchasing via Slice it with Klarna at Leader Furniture, you have the control to shape your package in any way you want. Whether you're buying three new items or fifteen, we've got the perfect solution for you. Our easy to use Slice it builder ensures you can tailor each aspect of your payments, from the deposit you pay to the repayment term - all without leaving our website.

Choose your deposit

Go big or go small, it's entirely up to you. All we ask for is a minimum payment of 10% deposit with all finance orders. If you want to pay more then you can, up to a maximum of 50% deposit.

Choose your repayment period

As with the deposit, you can either choose to pay back your finance over just a short period, or over a longer period. Choose from anywhere between 6 months right up to 48 months (4 years).

The finance builder in the checkout on our website allows you to quickly calculate your costs and will let you know exactly how much your monthly repayments will be. As finance is now available on almost all of our products you can order from hundreds of different products types and still apply for finance. As long as your order total reaches the minimum value of £300, then you will be able to apply for finance on our website.

What payment plans are available?

We offer 6, 9, 10 & 12 months interest free credit & 24, 36 & 48 months interest bearing credit to all customers who spend at least the minimum purchase amount listed in the table below (After deducting a minimum 10% deposit of the total goods value). Note: Alternative finance terms may be offered to you if your initial selected term is declined.

Our payment plan options available online are as follows:

DurationMinimum Purchase*Monthly PaymentsAPR (Annual Percentage Rate)Minimum DepositMaximum Deposit

Interest Free 6 Months 0% APR

Interest Free 9 Months 0% APR £40090%10% 50% 
Interest Free 10 Months 0% APR£500100%10% 50% 
Interest Free 12 Months 0% APR£500120%10% 50% 
Interest Bearing 18 Months 14.9% APR£3001814.9%10% 50% 
Interest Bearing 24 Months 14.9% APR£3002414.9%10% 50% 
Interest Bearing 36 Months 14.9% APR£7503614.9%10% 50% 
Interest Bearing 48 Months 14.9% APR£7504814.9%10% 50% 

*After deducting a minimum 10% deposit of the total goods value.

How can I apply for Slice it? ▼

When checking out on our website, with all of your items in the basket, simply select the Klarna Slice it button at checkout and you'll be taken through a step by step application for a Klarna account (new customers) or asked to login to your existing account, if you have one.

Once accepted, you will be redirected to pay the deposit which you have chosen. This can be done immediately, or at a later date - via an email/SMS text link to complete the payment.

When you have paid the deposit, your order will be marked as approved and we can then complete the order & dispatch the goods out to you.

See, how easy does that sound!

Example repayment plans ▼

The tables below are example repayment agreements, with one interest free example and one interest bearing. These will give you a rough guide to a typical repayment plan whether you choose to go for interest free finance over a shorter term, or interest bearing over a long repayment term.

It's important to remember that these repayment plans are only examples, for an accurate repayment plan tailored to the products which you would like to order, you can simply add the products to the basket, proceed to payment and when selecting apply for finance can then tailor the repayment plan to your own needs. If you would prefer us to provide you with the information first, then just give us a call or email our customer services team and we'll be able to provide all the information you require immediately either on the phone or via email. If you would prefer to speak to a sales representative face-to-face, why not pop into our local store in Hartlepool and have a chat with us in person.

Example 6 month interest free plan

Finance6 Months Interest Free (0% APR)
Goods Value£300.00
10 % Deposit£30.00
APR (Interest Paid)0%
Monthly Installments6 months
Monthly Repayment£45.00
Total Amount Payable£300.00
Loan Cost£0 - Free

Example 12 month interest free plan

Finance12 Months Interest Free (0% APR)
Goods Value£500.00
10 % Deposit£50.00
APR (Interest Paid)0%
Monthly Installments12 months
Monthly Repayment£37.50
Total Amount Payable£500.00
Loan Cost£0 - Free

Example 48 month 14.9% APR plan

Finance48 Months Interest Bearing (14.9% APR)
Goods Value£750.00
10 % Deposit£75.00
APR (Interest Paid)14.9%
Monthly Installments48 months
Monthly Repayment£18.44
Total Amount Payable£959.89
Loan Cost£209.89


Will I qualify for Klarna's Slice it? ▼

To qualify for Slice it with Klarna

When ordering from our site, you usually meet most of the requirements for Klarna anyway, as we have some basic terms & conditions which you must already adhere to. When ordering from Klarna, the lender stipulates that;

  • You must be aged between 18 - 80 years old.
  • You must be in regular full or part-time employment (minimum 16 hours a week, unless you have retired).
  • You must be a permanent UK resident and be able to supply an address history for the past 3 years.
  • You must have a UK bank account and be able to accept direct debits.
  • You should always be sure that you can keep up with repayments before applying.
  • You must have a good credit history, with no late payments, CCJ's, debt-relief orders, IVA's or bankruptcies.

If you apply for Slice it and do not meet the above criteria, then you are highly likely to be pre-declined part-way through the process. We recommend you do not input multiple finance applications as multiple decisions can affect your credit rating. Please speak with Leader Furniture before applying if you're unsure about any of the above information. We can provide free advice about your application and even help you complete part of the process over the telephone or in-store.

If you're still unsure on any of the above information, then please ask our friendly customer services team, who can be called during office hours on 01429 241 270, contacted here, or just click the button below to email us directly.

Email Customer Services

We always endeavour to respond to every email within 24 hours.


Frequently asked questions ▼

As you can expect, we often get a lot of questions about Slice it orders placed with us. If you have a question and don't see it answered below, then just contact us and we'll be happy to help.

What happens after I'm accepted?

Once you are accepted during the application process, you will be asked to pay your chosen deposit amount. We ask that all customers pay this as soon as possible when applying as we cannot process an order until the deposit has been settled. Once paid we will be able to continue with the order and ship your goods when available. If you need us to resend a deposit payment link, simply speak to our customer services team and we'll be able to do so immediately via email and SMS text message - this way you can complete the payment on the move should you prefer.

How do I make my repayments?

All monthly repayments will be taken by direct debit from your bank account. This is setup during the application process. Your Slice it agreement starts from the moment you receive your order confirmation details (when your order is completed and deposit paid). However, your first repayment does not take place until 30 days after your goods have been fulfilled and shipped to you. Once you receive the goods this is when we mark your order as fulfilled - your first direct debit payment will be 30 days from this date. You will be informed of this exact date well in advance to ensure your payment schedule can be met.

How do I pay my deposit?

Deposit payment can be placed via any valid UK debit or credit card. If you are having trouble making this payment or your card details were rejected then please make sure you use the card which is registered to the billing address input in the applications process. Please make sure you carefully re-enter your card details, including the start or valid from date, end or expiry date and also the issue number where applicable. Your card issuer will usually redirect you to your 3D secure page, please enter all details in this page correctly. Please take note that Leader Furniture cannot take card payments for Slice it orders over the telephone - if you're still struggling, you can pop into our local store and complete an in-store application via chip & pin.

Will this application leave a footprint on my credit record?

Yes, by applying for Slice it, there will be an entry on your credit record to state your record was searched by the lender. This does not state whether an application was approved or declined, only that it was accessed. The effects of one search will be completely negligible as normal with any credit application anywhere online. We do not recommend any customer applies multiple times in close proximity of each other - if you are unsure we ask that you please ask us first.

What if my credit score is poor?

If your credit score is poor, or you have very little credit history, then thanks to the AcceptPlus Technology, your application can still be accepted and with Klarna we have much higher acceptance rates than anywhere else in the UK. In some cases your application may be referred to an underwriter for further decision and you may be asked to provide further information, such as a utility bill for the person applying and the billing address. Please don't worry about this, it is just a safety-measure to ensure your application can be given a fair decision. If your score is poor, the application may still be declined, we cannot guarantee against this. Please contact us first if you're unsure.

I've been declined credit, now what?

This doesn't mean it's the end of the line. If you think that a declined credit application is in error, then we recommend you speak first with us to make sure everything was input correctly - we can then take it to Klarna if needs be to see if we can provide you any further advice. We don't see why a decision is made, however we may be able to provide advice on changing it to accepted. If we can't get the decision overturned then you may wish to speak with your local Citizens Advice Bureau, who will be able to help you to understand your credit history and provide advice on correcting any errors.

After you have been declined, in some circumstances you may be offered an alternative payment plan. This is at the discretion of Klarna and will only be offered in some select circumstances.

Once declined, you will be re-directed back to the checkout on Leader Furniture, where you will be asked to provide an alternative method of payment in order to complete your purchase. If you are unsure how to pay, then speak with our friendly customer services team who may be able to advise on a solution.

I've been asked to provide proof of identity, how do I upload this?

Please follow the instructions in the email you will have received carefully - upload your proof of ID using the prompts on screen. Don't worry if you don't have access to a scanner, you can even use your smartphone camera to take a picture of your ID document. If you are doing this, please note that you must capture all of the important information as legible and blurry, illegible images may be rejected.

I have a discount code, can I use it?

No, unfortunately due to the pricing structure involved with the lender, we are unable to allow discount codes to be used with Slice it orders. This is down to a number of reasons and is a step we have taken to ensure a sustainable Slice it model. If you are unsure about pricing, we recommend you contact us before placing your order and we can discuss pricing and even provide a quote. We are also able to email through a link to begin your application if this is required.

Can I change my order after I've been accepted?

Yes, please speak to us as soon as possible to ensure your order can be amended before dispatch of your goods. If the goods have already been dispatched out to you then we may ask for a re-delivery fee in order to exchange the goods. If you wish to amend your order, just speak with us. We'll be able to advise on the best course of action, whether it's you returning part of the order or whether you wish to add more. If you're returning goods you must do so within 30 days of receiving them as is standard with any online purchase.

I've changed my mind, can I cancel my application?

Yes, with any credit application (and any online order in-fact) there is a 14 day cooling-off period in which you are allowed to change your mind. This starts from the moment you sign your credit agreement and is not the same as your 30 day returns period which applies from the moment you receive the goods. If you wish to change your mind about the credit agreement but would still like to purchase the goods, then please contact Leader Furniture and we will be able to take payment in full over the phone via our website.

Once you decide to cancel the application, Leader Furniture will be able to process a cancellation in-line with our cancellations policy outlined on the returns & refunds page. Your credit or debit card deposit will be automatically refunded at this point. Please allow up to 5 working days for the refund to appear on your card statement.

I've been paying for a few months and want to increase my direct debit, is this possible?

Yes, though in order for you to do this you would likely need to speak to the lender Klarna. If you have a Klarna enquiry regarding your existing loan or wish to ask questions about an possible purchase. Please visit the Klarna retail website https://www.klarna.com/uk/loans/. Klarna will be able to advise on the options available to you, whether this is increasing your direct debit repayments, or paying off the loan in full. Alternatively, if you have any other servicing needs about your loan agreement, you can call Klarna on 0333 321 6080.

Can I change my delivery address?

No, unfortunately not. All orders placed by Klarna Slice it must be delivered to the billing address used by the person applying. It's important that you are aware that we cannot under any circumstances deliver to an alternative address. Applications placed on our website cannot be collected in store. If you wish to collect your goods then you must place your order via an in store face-to-face application at our local store.

Consumer credit service provided by Klarna Retail Finance. Klarna is licensed by The Office of Fair Trading.

Leader Furniture acts as credit broker/intermediary and not as a lender. Leader Furniture is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Credit is provided by Klarna Bank AB, which is authorised and regulated by the Swedish Financial Services Authority, with limited supervision by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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